TeX Submission Server Help Page

E-Mail of Author: Please fill in the e-mail address of the author of the article. In most cases this should be your own e-mail address.
E-Mail of Production Editor: Here the e-mail address of the production editor is expected. The editorial board should have sent you this information.
Number of Journal: Fill in the number of the journal to which your article is to be submitted.
Editorial Manuscript Number:Fill in the number the editorial office has assigned to your manuscript.
TeX Version:   LaTeX 2e
  LaTeX 2.09
  Plain TeX
  not TeX
Select the TeX version in which your document is written, so that the submission server can execute the TeX run correctly.
Rootfile of Plain or
AMS TeX document:
If your document is written in plain TeX or AMS Tex you should enter the name of the root file here. The root file is the file parsed by TeX.
File to be submitted:
Click on the "browse" button and then choose the file you want to submit to SpringerNature from your hard drive.
Press "submit" to send your data to SpringerNature or "reset" to fill in a new form.

If after reading this page you still have problems or questions on how to use the submission server please contact your production editor via e-mail.